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Stop Pain NOW! Sub Pressure Lipo Suction! End obesity NOW with consistent weight loss! Stop Cancer NOW! Stop Heart Disease NOW! Stop Diabetes NOW! Balance Chakras & Discover Your Power Plants!
Enter the Threshold To Health!
From The Medical Dark Ages To Zero Disease

Revealing the hidden science of Lymphology! 

Are you ready to integrate empowerment beyond a healing?  Your body is your temple!
There are secrets taught through our system that you will not find taught anywhere else in the world!


How would you feel if you and your loved ones knew how to achieve vibrant health?

By Divine design, POWER HEAL™ yourself!  Why and how? — Watch, read and listen!

As you learn and experience the principles of Lymphology, you will find the process very powerful and easy to apply.

Our simple self healing techniques are actually FREE for the rest of your life, once you know how to do them,
unlike any repeat business consumable products!

Do you or any of your loved ones suffer from any type of PAIN? Depression? Stress? Cancer? Obesity? Cardiovascular Disease? Diabetes? AIDS? Inflammation? Swelling? Tumors? Or other disease?

Have you experienced an injury, including knee, shoulder, or other joints?  Is a knee degenerating - bone on bone? Arthritis? Broken bones?

Suffering from lower back, neck, (lumbar, thoracic, or cervical spine) or head injuries resulting in back pain and/or migraine headaches?

Would you like an abundance of PEACE?  LOVE?  JOY?  ENERGY?  FUN?  ENDURANCE?  POWER?

How about an abundance of BEAUTY that is truly coming from the inside as well as out?

If something so FUN, simple, and FREE as bouncing on a mini trampoline (lymphasizer), correct breathing, meditation, and easy to apply pressure and massage methods has helped literally hundreds of thousands of other people solve their various problems and create health, beauty and peace, would you like to learn how?

Have you experienced any limitations of using one healing modality?

Break through limitations of your current modality by understanding the scientific foundation of all healing modalities.  Discover what type of divine principles and techniques can be applied for an infinite number of ways the body can POWER HEAL™ itself.

Applied Lymphology Course - (ALC) 

You can easily learn the cause of pain, obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, AIDS and every other degenerative disease, in the comfort of your home.  Plus learn the most powerful healing technologies we have ever seen - many are available in audio and videos, some of them are only experienced and learned by attending the live hands on training events.  Once you learn these principles and techniques, which we demonstrate step by step, you will be able to implement them for free for the rest of your life.  How many of your loved ones need this?


You can't find this 'hidden science' with these unique self help techniques available anywhere else!  Of course, we believe this is the most powerful training you can currently obtain.

    Those who have benefitted from this research include:

       Tony Robbins, Will Green, Kevin Trudeau, David Wolfe, and millions more.


Why Lymphology? 

The Lymphatic System has been called many things:
The Immune System
     The White Blood Stream
          Our Purification System
               Your Other Circulatory System
                    and now, 'Our Sub Pressure System'.

Did you know that you have another set of vessels in your body other than blood vessels?

Did you know that you actually have more of these other vessels than blood vessels and more fluid in these other vessels than blood in your blood stream?

Most people don’t know about this, so don’t feel bad about it, but this is the truth!  We are mostly water and most of that water is lymph.  Unless we look at the body at the molecular level, then we’re mostly hot air!  Ha ha!  Well, that’s the truth!

Plus, knowledge of the existence of the lymphatics is impotent (powerless), without knowing what activates this system.  And even fewer people, less than 1%, even know the secrets of what activates the lymphatic vessels!

OXYGEN = POWER!  The blood vessels bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells, but only if the lymphatic vessels maintain or re-establish the healthy environment, so the cells can get the oxygen and nutrients from the blood.  Without oxygen, a cell suffers and can die.

Health = Beauty!  Have you ever wondered what really causes the "pruning" effect on your hands and feet when you take that long bath or spend much time in the pool? – Then after getting out, as the oxygen is being re-established, the cells volumize again and we watch the wrinkles dis-appear!  How would you like to do that with other parts of your body, without surgery?  Every miracle has a process behind it.  Let's unveil the mysteries!

Even the miracles of faith healing have a process behind them.  Faith is an intelligent force, so let's increase your the intelligence and faith in the beautiful divine creation you are!

Both the healthy and beautiful body size and shape is actually maintained or re-established by the sub pressure cell environment – and learn how the Lymphatic System holds the KEYS.  Also, there is simply not enough connective tissue in the body to hold the body together.  So learn what really is responsible for holding the body in the healthy size and shape that we all want to be in.  Learn what really causes loss of energy, wrinkles, obesity, and aging in general as well as what we can do in order to prevent, remove, and eliminate these conditions.

Healthy cells mean a healthy body.  So when you learn what actually generates the POWER for cells to function and makes life possible.  Then all we have to do is answer two simple questions:  What shuts the power off?  And how can we turn the power back on again?  The answers to these questions give us the cause of all the diseases and the secrets to their healing processes.  Cellular physiology is the basis of all physiology.

How can you or any scientist complete a puzzle, when key pieces are missing?

Lymphology is like having a GPS for ALL science relating to life and death and has helped us integrate new science faster and easier.

Learn the 'hidden treasures' of knowledge - the 'Secret' Keys of Health, Beauty, and Peace – why they really do go hand in hand and what principles you can apply by yourself at home to stop the aging and disease processes.

Find out what stress factors or broken laws speed up the disease process – and find the pure laws and principles of prevention.  Discover how our biggest bummers can become our biggest woohoo’s!

Are you ready to learn why and how it’s possible to create a perfect living environment for your body cells?  So perfect that it’s impossible to have any pain or disease in your body?  This is medically and scientifically documented!  Ready to learn what type of techniques can be applied to POWER HEAL yourself at virtually no cost once you know how?  Are you ready to learn more about the life and death process of the cells and your immune system than spending 100's of thousands of dollars and 10 years of medical or chiropractic school?

Learn the BIG Secret between believing and doing or being. – All of these techniques and many more (countless options) are FREE for you and your family to apply for the rest of your lives, after you learn how.

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