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Loan / Grant Application

All 0% interest loans and grants offered through this program are for educational materials offered through and/or their qualified affiliates.  This is a PRIVATE Loan / Grant program, offering NO DOC loans and grants, based on a simple qualification process.

You will not be required to submit any proof of your financial status, other than your word.  Therefore, the integrity of this program depends on your level of honesty.

Step 1:  Please explain why you think you qualify or would like to qualify for this program:

Step 2:  Since we are very serious about helping EVERYONE around the world, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or financial status, you MUST first simply forget about what you can't afford to do.  Simply let go of can't!  Because we're here to help you solve that problem right now!  Focus on what you can do, within enough ease and within your power!  Feel free to take a moment listening in silent prayer, and also listen to what comes from your heart.

Please be honest now.  Could you pay the total regular amount we ask for this program if you wanted to?
If not, could you do it in monthly payments?

If you selected monthly payments, simply focus on what you can afford, without pushing yourself too hard.  Just focus on what level of monthly payment is comfortable for you.  Then enter the monthly level below whatever that is!

Step 3:  Our preferred methods of accepting payments are listed below.  You may select more than one option, however we usually prefer that you utilize the one closest to the top of this list.   Please select the acceptable forms of payment for you:
PayPal  Yes or No
Credit Card  Yes or No
Checks  Yes or No  
If yes, see our Check Policy for details.
Cash  Yes or No
Other  Yes or No  

Step 4:  The Applied Lymphology Course contains an exam of over 250 questions, each one giving the page numbers in the book where the answers are found.  So you just look up the answers and write them down - everyone makes an 'A'.  This type of open book' exam is a proven method as one of the fastest ways in the world to learn.  Quickly supplying the secret answers to key questions is a main purpose of this program.  This is one of the first things you will be directed to do when you access the course.  A few people have completed this exam within 12 hours, not even expecting to, because everything was unfolding so beautifully before them.  The questions mostly follow the same order of which the book reveals the answers.  Every single person who has ever completed this exam has become empowered with its knowledge and their lives have been changed for the better.

When you obtain access to the Applied Lymphology Course, what time frame will you plan to complete the exam?

Step 5:  There has been a growing need for people to have access to the truths contained in the Applied Lymphology Course.  Health Care Costs have been doubling and tripling every 10 years since 1950.  Degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are beyond epidemic levels.  And just consider how much one single hospital stay or surgery typically costs.

You will discover that this program is everything we've represented it to be.

As 'word of mouth' is the life blood of every organization, will you help spread the word and refer others to this program?


Step 7:
Personal information: Name:

Other comments:

I am at least 18 years old.  I promise that the information submitted on this form is honest and correct.

I agree to use this as my digital signature.


When you hit the send button below, the key information from this form will be placed into the body of a new email message.  You must still hit the send button for that email to finalize this process.

As explained earlier, this process is a very simple.
Fill out the application form completely and submit for approval.
We will respond as soon as possible.

Although most computers work fine, we know the above 'Send' button does not work for a small percentage of computers.  If for some reason this form does not automatically forward the data you entered to the body of a new email to forward on to us, please just email us your answers and the information we ask for in the sections above.

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