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Pain Relief - *Letters 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 28, 30, 33, 35, 37, 41, 44, 45, 46 and 54 contain the word pain, yet nearly all are pain related.
Back Pain - *Letters 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 22, 26, 27, 28, 40 and 41.
Head Injuries and Brain Damage - *Letters 3, 4, 17, 31, 43 and 51.
Migraine and Headache - *Letters 4, 11, 12, 15, 36, 45.
Neck Pain - *Letters 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 45 and 47.
Breast Tumor or Breast Cancer - *Letters 5, 48 and 49 with many more to come.
Sub Pressure Esthetics - 54.

Success Stories

There are thousands of people all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and all over the world, who are enjoying the blessings of Zero Disease™ by reversing their injuries/diseases and relieving their own pain (at no cost).

There is great joy that comes from reading about the blessings being received from following the true principles and concepts in this program.

There is even greater joy when it's happening to you and your loved ones or someone you know personally and you can hear the sound of their voice and see the look in their eyes.  Because some of them, with the knowledge and understanding learned in this program, decided to use the Bio-electric Power Heal™ & Speed Healing™ techniques to obtain relief when nothing else worked.

(Testimonials printed as written by their authors.)

Letter 1

To Whom It May Concern:
If it were not for Dr. C. Samuel West, I could not be serving my third term, in thirty years, as Mayor of Pleasant View City. It is now 3 1/2 years since I first attended a lecture, September 7 & 8, 1977, of Dr. West. Since that time, I have never had any of the pains that were plaguing me at that time.
When my chiropractor had given up trying to relieve my pain, January 7, 1975, I went to Dr. Marian J. Haslam, an orthopedic surgeon. He took x-rays and told me that I have had "Spinal Stenosis" all of my life; a structural condition that tends to shut off the spinal canal ventilation to my legs; that the condition could only be helped by chiseling the opening larger around the spinal canal where the vertebras are offset in my lower back. He said he wouldn't advise the operation, that he didn't think it would get worse, and would not shorten my life.
A few months later it had gotten worse and limited me to just 2 or 3 minutes on my feet without excruciating pain in my back and legs. I decided I should have an evaluation from another doctor. Orthopedic Surgeon, Billy A. Allison, took more x-rays and had nerve sensitivity tests in the hospital. He gave me the same information and advice. He said they don't operate on many with my condition, because less than 2% of the people have this structural condition; but he would like me to come back every six months for a check on my condition.
I took Dr. Allison's x-rays to another Chiropractor and had 8 adjustments, without any relief. Then I went to a nature doctor who had many degrees besides that of chiropractor. He really worked me over in his office at the Crystal Springs a number of times. I felt good, as long as I would swim in the pool, but had excruciating pain just getting back in my car to drive home.
I was also plagued with constant pain in my right upper arm. About two years before my attendance at Dr. West's lecture, in October 1975, I took my wife and our daughter, Cherie, Mrs. Dr. Keith M. Wayment, of Akron, Ohio, to a 5 day Advisory Council Seminar at the beautiful Wentworth By-The-Sea, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The second day there, I got an unbearable pain in my elbow. We went to the Portsmouth Hospital. The doctor said I had Calcific-Tendinitis in my elbow. He put my arm in a sling and gave me pills to take. He said the pills would relieve the pain in about 24 hours. The pain was not relieved, but got worse.
After the seminar, we drove to the home of Dr. Robert Dowst in Maiden, Mass. Dr. Dowst and family were our son, LaMonte Barker's first family converts while serving in the New England Mission, under President Paul Dunn. Dr. Dowst took me to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Boston and had a doctor inject cortisone into the elbow. The doctor said that would force the pain out of the joint within one hour, but it might settle in the muscle.
The doctor was right. From that date, for nearly two years, to September 8, 1977, I was up most nights, bathing my arm and shoulder in hot water and applying Icy-Hot or some other liniment to relieve the pain.
My sisters, Grace Judy and Louise Thompson, told me about the coming of Dr. West, September 7, 1977. They had attended his Self-Help Clinic when he was in Ogden 15 months before. I was convinced, by the doctors, that nothing could help my condition, but attended Dr. West's Clinic in respect to my gracious sisters.
Needless to say, I received hidden treasures of knowledge, and immediate relief from all my pains and a new way of life that relieved me of 37 pounds of overweight in the form of toxins and poisons, during the next two months. I have enjoyed every moment; have never felt hungry or thirsty. I weigh less and feel better than at any time since leaving Weber College, 50 years ago.
I served as Town President of Pleasant View, after being elected to the Town Board, in Pleasant View's first election, held November 1949; being elected by a majority of one vote, not knowing that my name was on the ballot until 8:00 o'clock the day of the election.
In 1965 I was elected to another four year term as Mayor of Pleasant View City.
November 8, 1977, I was elected to my third term by 54% of the vote, with four other wonderful men running for office. This was an answer to my prayer, "If the Lord wanted me to help lead my people again, I desired a clear mandate from the electoral."
If it had not been for Dr. C. Samuel West's Self-Help Clinic, I could not have served this term as Mayor.

Peary B. Barker, Mayor

Letter 2

Dear Frank and Dr. West,
Here is a letter I am hoping will help and encourage many people. I am a young woman of 28 years old and have been married for 8 years now. In those 8 years I have been in and out of the hospital so very, very often. I had one operation after another. The first year we were married I had my first operation for an ovary that had ruptured. After the operation the Dr. told me that I am to thank the dear Lord every day to be alive. Because I had hemorrhaged and the Dr. said in 1 more minute the blood would have gone over my heart. The Dr. took half the ovary and the other half he patched up, but in less than a year the same thing happened to the other half, so I went through it all again. With each time growing bigger tumors and cysts. In a little over half of another year my other ovary did the same thing and this time my heart stopped when I was in the recovery room. The Dr. really worked at me and had my heart going again in a short time. After I had this operation I was still sick and full of pain as I was before I had the operation.
Here I was sick as could be again and just had undergone an operation. So, the Dr. put me under some more tests again and they found something else wrong again! It was not a week since I had the last operation and the Dr. said to me. He is so very sorry, but I must go right to the operation room again for another operation. I said, "Oh no," it just cannot be (me again), (but it sure was me again!) I had all these operations and my body just couldn't even begin to get built up. "It was all, just way too much for me!" In a short time after this last operation my body gave out and that means my muscles and nerves went completely. I then went into this muscle condition. I couldn't talk for over 2 months and to eat was the same thing. I also had no strength at all. That means I couldn't put my arms up and down and walking was out for some time. After a while someone would help me to walk. (Also with all these operations they messed my back completely too.) After I did get out of the hospital I still had so much pain, because of a very, very bad back. This is when I started chiropractor help and really did get a lot of help too. But my back was soon out of place again and my muscle would be hurt too from my back. I was still looking for something else to help me further. So, this is when Dr. West was an answer to prayer. My husband and I went to one of his Self-Help Clinics and we knew we just had to go back to the next one to find and get more help. This was when I first met Dr. West and knew that he was the one to help me even more! (And he sure did!) Dr. West had said I was the 2nd worst person he ever worked with. At first I had to sit on a chair and my husband would get on the rebound exerciser and we together would work for a few minutes. We did this quite often each day. In a few weeks I was on it myself, and in a few months I was feeling so much Strength coming to my body. My insides, I could feel getting stronger. And the Chiropractor and my family Dr. even saw a big change in me. My family Dr. said, if he wouldn't have seen me with his own eyes he wouldn't believe that I was the same person. We will have our rebound exerciser 1 year the end of May. And we wouldn't give it up for all the world. Now, I am up to 15 minutes of running and jumping on our rebound exerciser at a time. (Just Wonderful) We also have the most wonderful news that could have ever happened for us! I now am pregnant and our first baby is to come the end of Aug. or the beginning of Sept. The Dr. said that if I wouldn't have gotten so much strength in my insides I could never be carrying this baby. I also want everyone to know this rebound exerciser is the best thing I ever found for my pain without taking pills. We thank our Dear Lord each day for his many blessings and for letting us come to know Dr. West and Frank & Kathy Angelo.

Our love & Prayers Go to You All,
Laverne & Paul Groff
P.S. By the way, you see it is all due to the Dear Lord and Dr. West for my carrying this baby with only 1/2 of an ovary! I just had to add this yet. "Thanking you all again."

Letter 3

Mrs. Florence M. Franet
(Teacher of Aphasic Students, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, Concord, CA)

After attending a lecture and workshop by Dr. C. S. West, I purchased a (MT) mini-trampoline for my own use and that of my family. I felt so good as a result of using it, I knew I had to share it with my students too. Transporting it back and forth to school daily became a real chore, so I purchased a second one for the specific use to be for the students in the handicapped program. This mini-trampoline was used as a source of daily activities and exercises in my classroom with Special Education Students during the 1976-77 school year. There were six students, ranging in age from 8-9 to 11-7 in September 1976.
The students began using the MT by just trying to stand and balance themselves on it, then bouncing with two feet together and/or running or jogging easily. Three of the students were able to balance themselves from the start, but the other three had to be assisted. Gradually, all could balance alone and begin the exercises, although the most severe student took nine days before she could stand alone. Let us take time here to follow her development.
At the beginning of this '76-77 school year, she could not coordinate her small motor development enough to draw a circle or copy a single letter. She did attempt to write her first name, but one had to know what it was in order to read it. Her eye-hand coordination was nil. Her speech was unintelligible. She used only words and sometimes short phrases. After one month on the MT she was bouncing with two feet together by herself. Following this she developed enough coordination to turn slowly on the MT and in four months time she was running fast, jogging, and dancing. Her language developed along with this. In four months time, one could read her written name and she could draw a circle. In six months time, she was able to trace the letter of her last name, in eight months she could COPY her last name, and after nine months, she could write it herself. She was able to write some other letters by this time too. Needless to say, she was a very happy little girl, her parents were pleased too. Her verbal expression developed along with this written and motor expression. She was using simple sentences, gradually extending them into paragraphs by the end of these nine months. Her receptive language improved too.
Another student, (A.S.), whose large motor development was fairly well coordinated, could bounce and jog on the MT but could not hop on either foot alone without losing his balance. His verbal expressive language consisted of phrases and sentences without verbs. His comprehension (receptive language) was impaired. After five months he could hop on either foot for 300 or 400 counts, and after six months he could jump rope while on the MT, and after another month he was SKIPPING rope on the MT. His expressive verbal language had developed considerably during the first three or four months, and the receptive language improved by about 21/2 to 3 years.
All of these students showed growth in their coordination, language skills, health, and attitudes. I had expected to see growth for each student during the school year and had worked with the Aphasic students for five years previous to working with the group, but this growth far exceeded expectations and I attribute this additional gain to their developments and total stimulation by use of the MT, (mini-trampoline).
This 1977/'78 school year, I am using the MT with high school age Aphasic students, and again I am seeing beautiful developments in physical coordination, muscle development, self-concepts, and language skills. We coordinate the MT's use into math and social studies programs. A 3" to 4" cross is on each wall (for N, S, E, & W directions) at eye-level. The assignment may be to bounce 360 times total but to divided it equally while facing each of the four directions.
Some of the better coordinated boys decided to challenge one another to see who could hop on one foot the most number of times. They started out with a 200, then 300, 700, and ~000 (one thousand!) It was getting to be too difficult trying to count the number of times accurately (taking longer to say a number than to take a hop) so we began to use a stopwatch, and they set five minute periods of time for themselves. Each of the three boys could do this on one foot but not the other, so each was challenging himself to develop his weaker side. One boy did it in three weeks time, a second did it in seven weeks time, and the third is still trying to master that second side. After six months time now, he is very close to mastering it.
I would like to see all of our handicapped students have the opportunity to use a MT on a daily basis in order to minimize their handicaps more rapidly.
Aphasic is a severe language handicap attributed to neurological brain damage. The student' handicaps vary greatly, the problem being expressive, receptive, or both, and auditory or visual or both. The motor coordination usually is poorly developed also.
MSS refers to Most Severe Student in this particular class.

Letter 4

Dear Friends, Dr. West and Family,
Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord. Hope this finds you in good health. We are all busy and feeling well. A blessing indeed that I will not take time and write you as I promised to do long already. I knew you would like to hear some interesting facts about results of using the Rebounder. Our first experience you know but will write it down how it was.
Our granddaughter 8 years of age, Mary Lu Fisher, got sick one morning at 4 o'clock. She was breathing so hard that our daughter, Miriam, heard her from the other room. She needed oxygen very bad. Miriam gave her catnip and peppermint tea. She only drank a little at a time and soon was semi-conscious. Being alone and not knowing what else to do Miriam put a comforter on the Rebounder and laid her down and bounced her slowly for 3-4 hours. Mary started to get oxygen and started to talk and went through 3 sweats. Miriam had to change her clothes 3 times. Her breathing soon became normal and mucous was broken and by about 8 o'clock she asked if she may go to school. That afternoon she really coughed up lots of mucous. This was our first experience with the Rebounder. This I believed saved Mary's life. We feel grateful to God to give us something so simple to use to help our sick ones and we can have it to use in our homes.
Another experience with a friend of ours a mother who fell from the sink top and lumped her head against a refrigerator. She had a concussion and a very bad neck problem. She went to a chiropractor for treatments for 2 or 3 months and got good results for her neck but her pressure in her head was still severe. We started her slowly on the Rebounder. She could hardly take it for a few bounces as it caused so much pressure in her head.
We gave her a Rebounder to take home and to use slowly every 15 minutes. This was Monday she started, till Friday she could bounce 5 minutes at a time and did some of her housework. She was going on the Rebounder every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday. Her husband bought the Rebounder and they were both happy.
Another wonderful experience in our family again. Our grandson, David Fisher, 11 months old, fell into a septic tank as the ground caved in at the time he crawled over it in the backyard. We believe it went 8 or 10 minutes until they had him out of the water. They could not find a pulse or feel any life but they were working on his body. After awhile life seemed to be coming back. He was in the hospital in serious condition for 3 to 4 weeks and the Doctors said he had definite brain damage and irreparable brain cells. They took him home from the hospital helpless and also blind. The mother and father could hardly wait to get him on the Rebounder plus giving him good food supplements and also stopped giving his drugs which he was supposed to have for a year. The Doctors were afraid he would get convulsions. The first week he was restless but they didn't give up. After the 3rd week the little boy seemed just about normal. His eyesight and everything else seems normal. At six weeks the Doctors wanted to see him again at the hospital. They said this can't be the same little boy, but it was. The nurses flocked around him too. I could hardly believe the change. We want to give all the honor and praise to our Heavenly Father for healing him. He is the Great Healer. Also for the sending of good friends and Doctors like Dr. West to teach us these simple ways of helping our loved ones.
We could tell you many more Asthma and Pneumonia cases where people helped themselves and also many back problems, headaches, constipation, mental problems, if I had time. I would write a book but want to share these with others hoping it will help them.
Now we are wondering when we could get you into the vicinity again. I know many people would like to meet you and learn more. Many have never heard you yet. Just drop us a few lines and we'll try and get a place for you.
Wishing you God's blessings and His guidance in your work. He never fails us does he?

Best wishes to you and your family
David and Sarah click and Family
Lancaster, PA

Letter 5

Dr. West;
Last summer I attended your lecture and clinic. I previously had cysts in both breasts. My doctor, a naturopath, told me it was a lymphatic condition. After 3 months of your program-suddenly no more cysts were in my breasts.

Many thanks to you.
God bless you.
Deb Shepardson
Morgantown, PA

Letter 6

Dear Dr. West:
I would like to relate an experience in connection with the use of the Vitalizer.
I am 56 years of age and have had an eye problem since I had the measles when I was seven years old. In the early forties I was told I had corneal dystrophy and that nothing could be done to stop the deterioration since it was hereditary. Then in 1972 I began to have corneal ulcers and spasms of the eyes. In using the ophthalmic medication to cure the ulcers my eyes reacted to the medicine which caused severe iritis. Then all medication was stopped. I went from one eye specialist to another only to be told that my condition was systemic and hereditary and no treatment would be effective. Finally, I went to see Dr. Carey Reams in Roanoke, Virginia, and he told me I was not assimilating Vitamin A and was not getting sufficient oxygen. While there I heard you speak on the lymphatic system. About three months later I attended your workshop in my hometown in Texas and decided to purchase a Vitalizer. After five or six weeks of doing the exercises I noticed I did not have as many spasms. I haven't had any ulcers recently and my eyes continue to improve. I am therefore elated at the progress my eyes have made in such a short time, and I owe it all to the Vitalizer.
Thank you, Dr. West, for teaching me about the lymphatic system and the importance of proper diet and exercise to rid the body of toxins. This is so vital in restoring our health. Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Jim H. Owens Texas

Letter 7

To Dr. West,
I attended the convention at Bucknell in Lewisburg the first week of Aug. of 1978. At the time I was a diagnosed Hypoglycemic. Had high triglycerides & hypertension. I was taking between 8 to 12 pills a day: Diurel for Hypertension; Benedryl for allergies; Fiornal for headaches. Blood pressure 180/100.
I had the feeling of exhaustion and just wasn't interested in life, but went through the motions out of necessity. I left the Self-Help Class with a sincere desire to do what I had learned from Dr. West. Exactly 1 month later I have a new desire to live & help others, my energy is almost frightening at times. My blood pressure at this time is 120/85. I feel great, have no allergy problems and do not suffer from any symptoms of hypoglycemia. I am anxious to see Dr. West again to report on further progress. I am losing inches very fast & to date have lost 11 Ibs. The pain in my back is gone. Also I could not cross my leg before .

Marie Nave

Letter 8

Dear Dr. West.
I had severe back problems last summer. It was so bad I was limping around for a day or two dragging my left leg. We applied your method. I walked away and I was well. I could not believe it. It really works. Have nice holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Karola Parkin

Letter 9

Dear Dr. West:
It is with sincere gratitude that I write this letter of thank you to you. You have no conception of the hours I have spent in prayer asking for someone to come into my life to teach me the techniques I have long studied; to enable me to heal my own body with the forces within.
I have lived through a series of accidents, beginning with a severe back injury at the age of eleven, coupled with a congenital curvature of the spine, that spiraled into one back and head injury after another, which left me a partial cripple, with my left leg nearly three inches shorter than my right leg.
Over the years I have slowly been able to regain my physical well-being, overcoming insuperable odds.
For a long time I lay a helpless invalid, unable even to "crawl like a seal" across the floor. X-rays showed un-repairable deterioration and damage to the discs in my spine and to the cartilage in the toes, elbows and knees, and portions of the bones in my knees.
By charging my body through prayer and meditation (not to take lightly the efforts of a Chiropractor) I began slowly to properly right my condition, and within the past five years have made fantastic strides in this area. May I add here that all of my "right eating" could not stop the failing of my body chemistry, which I am presently fighting so hard to reverse. For the past four years it has been an up and down thing with me. Some days I can walk and some days I cannot even rise out of the bed. It is only just recently that I have been able to walk with some degree of confidence without the aid of crutches, or with a very noticeable limp. Until my recent meeting with you in Gainesville, Florida, I thought perhaps that my above condition was as far as I was destined to progress. And I do mean ABOVE condition, for I cannot bless my Father in Heaven nor thank you enough for what you have given me. I shall shout it from the mountain tops! You have given me my one "missing link". The link I knew I MUST have to go on.
I am not quick to accept the theories or ideas of those who have "a message". I am guided by the Light of my Innermost Consciousness, and if it is "Rubbish", I cast it aside, quickly. Your teachings have not been cast aside.
Please continue to learn, and grow strong and attain wisdom, always remembering that you are only the teacher and not the Doer. I wish you God Speed in spreading your message of healing. Perhaps you have not yet come to know just how great your work is, and how much greater it is to become. You must realize, however, that by and large, you are speaking to the "Mass", who largely have no conception of your message, thus you must not feel saddened, for you can only sow the seed. If the ground is fertile, the seed will fruit and multiply.
May God go with you, always; and, again, thank you for being.

In His Name, I remain, Truthfully Yours,
Penny C. Condrey

Letter 10

To Dr. West:
A year ago this last November and December I was in so much pain I truly thought I was going to die. The doctors couldn't figure out why I had so much pain. After lots of x-rays it showed I had a hiatal hernia and lots of spinal trouble. From January to November 1976 I went to a stomach specialist to try and get my hernia under control and an Osteopath for the back. I went 2-3 times a week. I continued to have lots of pain. I had so much pain in the hip joints and low back I couldn't turn over in bed without physically using both hands to turn my hips. The adjustments just wouldn't hold. I was lucky if they held one night and I could have one night's sleep without pain.
On November 8, I got a Lymphatic Exercise Unit. I started "bouncing" on it with my palms and hands on the collar directing energy like Dr. West said. I would try anything no matter how goofy it sounded. I did this every time I had pain, every half hour or so and just for ten times at first. That was all I could do. After three days I was sleeping at nights without pain. I couldn't believe it. I gradually worked from 10 to 15 to 20 to 50 to 75 to 100 bounces each time I had pain. I told the Osteopath what I was doing and even let him try an Exercise unit. He didn't and doesn't believe that's why I improved. I did not blame him for I couldn't believe it either, but don't see him for adjustments anymore.

Seattle, Washington

Letter 11

Dear Dr. West,
My wife and I are so excited about what you have taught us in your Self-Help Clinic we want the whole world to know about it. We heard your lecture and workshop in Seattle, Wash. the last weekend in October of 1976. Since that time many wonderful things have happened.
My wife has suffered for the past 15 years from migraine headaches, sore joints, and stomach disorders. She visited a Chiropractor on the average of twice a month. She has gone through all of the major health clinics available in Seattle. Among those were the Mason Clinic and the University Hospital Pain Clinic. We were fed up with doctors telling us to go home and learn to live with it or it's all in your head.
The fantastic thing about it is the fact that after your workshop in October we have not seen a chiropractor or a doctor for any illness or any problem. Yes, she still has her migraine headaches but we are able to control them thru your Accu-lymphatic Exercises.
We are believers and wish to promote your program with all the vitality that is within us. We'll see you in Seattle, with as many guests as we can bring, the next time you are here.

William C. and Nina M. Dearinger
Seattle, Washington

Letter 12

Dear Dr. West,
Since I have been twelve years old, I have had severe migraine headaches, sometimes twelve to fourteen days at a time, without ever letting up.
When I was between thirty-five and forty years of age, they would get so bad they would never let up. I could not eat and all I could do is to get in a dark room and have everyone leave me alone, as I could not stand the slightest noise. And these continued this way until I was seventy-four when I met you. Until I met you no matter what I tried, or who I would go to, for help, it never worked.
I had a headache for three days when we came to you, for the purpose of helping my wife Mary. After you treated Mary, you worked on me, and told me what to do, to prevent these headaches. Before I got home the headache was gone. Praise the Lord and thanks to you, I have been able to control them ever since. In fact, I don't know what it is to have a bad headache any more--May the Lord bless you, Dr. West and keep up your work. And thanks for making me my own doctor.

With love and appreciation,
Norman C. Favinger
Mesa, Arizona

Letter 13

Dr. Corwin West,
I was in an accident in which I ran into a telephone pole. For a couple of months, I was in pain and my right side was tingling and feeling fuzzy.
I went to two different doctors within 3 days and they just wanted to give me some pain pills.
It was frustrating to me that they weren't dealing with the cause of my problem.
So, when I heard about Dr. West being in town, I decided to try out his technique. He showed me in just a few brief minutes some exercises and stroking methods to relieve the pain in my lower back and neck. I felt immediate relief and did the exercises each night and used my Sundancer along with the stroking.
Within a week, I was as active as before and experiencing no pain.

Thank you for your help in helping me,
Bev Schurig
Mesa, Arizona

Letter 14

Dear Dr. West,
My back hurt me so bad day and night for a week until I could not sleep over and hour or two at a time nor could I sit at lengthy periods. Today, my pain left and what a relief it was.
If I had not experienced these things it would be impossible to believe it. I appreciate all that was accomplished. I intend to put in practice all that I can remember. Surely this was the best 5 hours I have ever spent for I learned how to really live a healthy and satisfied life.
May the Lord keep His hand upon your ministry.

Betty McNab
Hobe Sound, Florida 33455

Letter 15

Dr. West:
I have attended three of your workshops with great interest in what you have had to say. I have had very bad headaches and backaches for over forty years. I have spent untold amounts of dollars and agonizing hours with no real lasting relief. I had come to the point of concern that I was going to have an examination to see if I had a growth in my head causing pressure on the brain. Well, I got an Exercise unit and I did the stroking. I was able to get very temporary relief until I got to ask you some questions and you showed me that my problem was old and deep and needed some special hard rubbing to break it loose. Well, that was done-it was very painful but I have not had a headache or backache to speak of for 6 months. I have to do my exercising regular. I don't dare miss it but I do the low bounce for 5 minutes, going through the exercises you taught me-then I jump rope the Vitalizer 100 forward and 100 backward, with a good vigorous jump. Then 1 do 5 minutes of a moderate jogging to saturate my blood with oxygen. Then I jump a little more and wind up with a few fairly strenuous exercises totaling up to 15 to 20 minutes. I do this twice a day. I feel better than I have in many years. I know that exercise has to be done every day. It is wonderful. Until you have the contrast you can not really realize the power of this exercise-it is very powerful. Thanks for your instructions and help. It has made a new life for me.

Keith P. Brown

Letter 16

Dr. West:
I was playing softball and sprained my ankle sliding into home. I went to the hospital and the doctor said use crutches, so I did. The next day I went to Chris Wordens house and she said I can help you. So I let her do it. With this electrical field she created with her hands she stopped the pain. Within 5 minutes I walked out of the house on the ankle that I couldn't even touch before.

Keith McElhaney

Letter 17

Dear Corwin:
Hope to have you back soon. A man bought a lymphatic exercise unit for his 21 year old retarded daughter who was listless the past 4-5 years, not reading, writing, washing dishes, etc.--just throwing 2-3 seizures a day. After 2 weeks on the thing he called the other day to say she was not only doing all those things and more, but asking to go back to school. Neither did she have another single seizure except two the first day she started on it.
So your ministry is bearing great fruit. Keep up the good work .

Ben Andrews
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Letter 18

Dear Dr. West:
Last year I went to see an Optometrist. He said I had small cataracts on my eyes. But when I went back to him Tuesday, he said "I'm surprised at the condition of your eyes! The cataracts have not advanced any in size." I didn't tell him that I have been using my Sundancer twice a day since I got it about six months ago and I have been putting energy to my eyes. As I keep at it, I think he'll find that they are better than that next time.

Roberta Leithan
Mesa, AZ 85204

Letter 19

To whom it may concern:
For about three or four months I had been much aware of a nagging pain, at first intermittent, then continuous, in the lower right abdomen in the general area of the ovary. A visit to a trusted chiropractor who is more than just a chiropractor (a homeopathic doctor) afforded me no relief. Then I remembered Dr. West's lymphatic exercises which I had just learned and decided to apply them. To the lymphatic exercise for liver and gall-bladder I added a stroking up through the area of the pain. There was temporary relief immediately. Every time the pain returned I repeated the exercise. Within a week the pain was all gone. To prevent a return, I do the exercise every night. For the past three months there has been no pain.

Ms. Elaine Gleeson
Nottingham, PA

Letter 20

To whom it may concern:
The other day I felt as if I should visit the nursery. When I got there a baby was screaming with pain. It's hand had got in a door. I quickly began stroking it the way Dr. West taught me. In about 50 strokes later, the baby suddenly stopped crying and was soon playing with the blocks, apparently oblivious to any former problem.

Bessie Eliver

Letter 21

Dr. West,
A few days after you left here (San Diego) early in the summer, I was walking with a friend who had her dog on a leash. A strange dog ran out and attempted to attack my friend's dog. In the confusion I stepped on a pebble which rolled under my foot. My entire right foot bent under my body. The pain was excruciating to remember. But not too excruciating to remember Dr. West's instructions for this very thing.
To my friend's astonishment, I didn't even move from the street. I just sat on my tracks, clamped down on the pain at the same time I began to manipulate (rubbing one section) the other side of my foot to keep the blood flowing rather than allowing it to swell. After several minutes I got up, walked up to a steep hill with no real problem.
While the pulled ligaments took 3 months to heal completely, I was not incapacitated at any time except for the first few minutes, and walked and continued in the regular business of living with no pain or difficulty. I was so thankful for this knowledge .

Katie McPherson
LaMesa, CA 91041

Letter 22

Dear Dr. West:
It has been some time since I have had the pleasure of taking your course in Seattle-last fall in fact. Have wanted to write you sooner, but you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
What I wanted to mention specifically was this: I am the 73 year old retired chiropractor who looks askance at every health method that comes along. My wife wanted to take your workshop after hearing the lecture., and I agreed that it would be fine. Well, she made me do likewise, and I am very glad that I did. She volunteered when you asked for women to come up on the stage for demonstration purposes, and what we saw I know could be done with foot reflexology, only in a more extended period of time. This sold me on the idea of presenting my body when you called for people with a short leg to come up. You know as well as I do that the only people with one real short leg are those who are actually crippled. All other cases of short legs is due to spinal trouble: a tilted pelvis, muscular distortion, etc. With the simple little pressure that you asked me to put on one of the pressure points that you named, and at the same time stroking the neck muscles my "short leg" immediately lengthened out to the point where the others in the class could see it happen, and I could notice it when I went back to my seat. Most remarkable was that the pain in my lumbar region was gone! And to think for years I had worked and twisted on pelvic bones to ease pain in my patients and bring the legs to equal normal length!
This has convinced me that the two classes of people who can't stand to be wrestled around: Senior folks and young ones, can be treated in this natural way without pain and discomfort of a harsh treatment. And that is a real boone, believe me.
Hope to see you again in Seattle sometime.

Yours for better health,
Theodore E. Jodar, D.C.
Edmonds, WA 98020

Letter 23

Dear Dr. West
I was folding up a stepladder and it slipped and folded up and caught my pointer finger, cutting a deep gash in it. I grabbed my finger and held it tight till it stopped hurting. When I let go, I had lost only 3 to 4 drops of blood and it never did swell or get sore. I put some tape on it just to keep it clean.

La Mont Bell
Mesa, AZ

Letter 24

Dr. West:
One week after we had attended your seminar, we went on vacation.
Walking down a step path to the beach I slipped and fell, landing on my right wrist and hip. The pain was so bad I thought the wrist was broken. I told my husband to start stroking. He stroked the wrist about 1 minute and the pain completely released. I could move the wrist freely. I then stood up and he stroked the hip and released the pain. When we got home I used the Sundancer and had no more pain. I had a large bruise on my hip a couple of weeks but no pain.

Elenore Vandermode
Sunnyvale, CA

Letter 25

Dear Dr. West:
My name is Casey Vaury, I met you in Toronto on February 17, 1978 where you lectured at the Holiday Inn.
I am a massage therapist, naturopathic physician, and physical culturist. I have given many treatments (approx. 20,000) in my clinic and my recovery rate is about 90%
I have worked on the idea for many years that the answer is in the interstitial fluids and lymphatics. I never knew exactly why! You have shown me why! You have given me the missing link in the chain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I felt very "touched" when you lectured and I still do because this answered my questions which I had for so many years.

Casey Vaury
Toronto, Canada

Letter 26

Dr. Corwin West,
This letter is to express appreciation to you for the tremendous service you are rendering to your fellow men by teaching them correct principles of diet and health care.
My wife and I attended your lecture and workshop during the summer of 1976 at Paul, Idaho. This experience was very inspiring and enlightening, and has had a tremendous influence for the betterment of both us and our children's health since then. Because of the knowledge and inspiration gained at your lecture and workshop, and because of continued study and application of natural health principles, and with the help of the Lord, I have been able to care for the health of myself and my family and eliminate the burden of medical care costs.
I would also like to mention that my wife prior to the time of this lecture and workshop had been bothered by a bad hip for several years and we had much expense at chiropractors because of this. Since you showed us at the workshop how to put the hip back in painlessly with the use of body electricity, we have eliminated those trips to the chiropractor.
Thank you so much Dr. West for all you have done and are doing to help people help themselves.

Gaylin Patterson
Burley, Idaho

Letter 27

Dear Dr. West,
My husband and I attended your lecture in Moses Lake, Washington in September 1976. Before that time my husband had a long history of back trouble at one time even having to lay on a bed for three months. Since learning Dr. West's methods we have been able to get his back in and keep it in.
I also had lower back problems a few times a year and since can take care of myself.
We are so thankful for this information and feel we have saved many times the cost.

Clarence L. Crawford

Letter 28

My husband has been a bed patient with rheumatory arthritis for more than five years. He had developed bleeding ulcers from the aspirin. After going to Dr. West's class and learning about stroking to relieve pain, I was able to help my husband. He was in so much pain that he called me home from work today. I stroked his arms and legs and back and encouraged him to breathe more naturally, to take deeper breaths. Pretty soon he relaxed and went to sleep. At first he thought he couldn't straighten out his arm but I kept telling him he could. I kept stroking him and soon he could straighten it out. I stroked him several times today. I got him to bounce on his bed a bit while he sat on the edge, too.
At the clinic last night I used Dr. West's discovery on the Sundancer exercise unit to relieve pain in my arms and legs and to straighten up my hips. My back has felt straight and it hasn't hurt all day. I slept at night, which is unusual for me. When I got up this morning it didn't hurt.

Hazel Van Slyker
Mesa, AZ

Letter 29

I had constipation after I had my stroke. But after I went to the first lecture and began doing the colon exercise like Dr. West showed us, my constipation problem has been greatly relieved.

Kim Lindsey
Mesa, AZ

Letter 30

I am really thankful for Dr, West's work.
I have been troubled with a pain in my tailbone and hip for the last year. After I stroked my hip, both tailbone and hip feel better. I even have feeling in my right leg, something I haven't had in 12 months or so. The doctor said it was from pregnancy. I am sold 100% on Dr. West's work. God bless him and thank the Lord I was opened to hear about him. Thanks so much Dr. West!

Sharon Farewell
Milwaukee, Wis.

Letter 31

Using Dr. West's discoveries my neck is better now than it has been since 1952 when I had a serious accident. They were planning brain surgery for me.

Thank you,
Fran Farrell

Letter 32

While attending Dr. Samuel West's lecture at the Holiday Inn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on March 15, 1979, I heard him teach a method of relaxation and body alignment, which relieved a problem that I had been plagued with for 6 months. Hip misalignment and numbness in left thigh. While doing the simple motion, described in the exercise book, I noticed vital energy surging in my thigh and increased sensitivity returning. I want to thank Dr. West and celebrate his discovery.

With love,
Erwin Hellman
Albuquerque, NM

Letter 33

At first I couldn't stand any more pressure applied to my feet, thighs, and arms. After jumping the way Dr. West told me to, it truly was fantastic in the difference in the pain that was so bad before .
Also, I haven't been able to write this long at one time for the last two years. These notes would have taken me days to write. My muscles would jump and jerk and the pain from the top of my hand and up my arms hurt too badly that I could not continue.

Thank you Dr. West,
Esther R. Poy

Letter 34

Dear Dr. West:
Praise the Lord--The joint in my left hip has bothered me (at times crucially). I hate to tell you how much suffering I've gone through plus doctors. I could never lay on my left side. It does not hurt since I used your exercises. Praise the Lord and you. I have had this trouble for 50 years.

Helen Pluzynski
Morton Grove, Illinois

Letter 35

Dear Dr. West:
January 9, 1978, when I stroked the hip, it helped and also took pain out of the knee.
January 11, on the second night of exercise and stroking I slept all night without my knee hurting once. Also my hip and leg.
Lillie Jensen
Mesa, AZ

Letter 36

After attending Dr. West's lecture I applied the principle of Deep Breathing and mentally directing the energy into my sinus problem. I get severe headaches after eating certain foods. In the past I relieved the headaches with aspirin, A.P.C., Actifed, and Fiormal depending on the severity of the attack. Now I simply breathe deeply until the sinuses clear.

Carl Fister
Apache Junction, AZ

Letter 37

I had pain in my tooth for a very long time and after using Dr. West's pin-point technique I feel just fine. I thank you so very much.

Aria Compagnone
Norwood, Mass.

Letter 38

After going to Dr. West's lecture and applying the principles, within one month, my blood pressure has gone from as high as 180 over 110 to 144 over 84. I give a lot of the credit to the lymphatic exercises.

Lillie Jensen
Mesa, AZ

Letter 39

Dr. West:
It may have been my lack of understanding the effectiveness of the Sundancer that prompted me to prove it's value.
When my husband's blood pressure ran exceedingly high after a day at the office, a minute on the Sundancer lowered the Systolic pressure 15 points.
To further prove my point, Mother and my two sisters were visiting. I took their blood pressure reading before and after using the Sundancer for almost a minute. Mother's Systolic reading was high and the Diastolic pressure was low. It lowered the Systolic and raised (slightly) the Diastolic. (Lowered Systolic 15 points). A sister's high systolic pressure was lowered 18 points. A sister whose blood pressure ran low was raised to a normal reading.
The normalizing effect is of tremendous value to me. I am a Corrective Therapist.

Mildred Huggins, R.M.T.
Wichita, Kansas

Letter 40

I usually went to the chiropractor every two months to relieve the tension built up in my neck and across the shoulders. I attended one of Dr. West's health lectures in November where I learned of the lymphatic exercises. I immediately began using them and have not been back to the chiropractor since. Thank you Dr. West!
I injured a ligament in my knee skiing at Christmas time. Eight weeks later, I was still trying to heal up my knee. I purchased an exercise unit and I started jumping on it one footed. After two weeks I noticed that my knee had greatly improved. Now 4 weeks later, it seems to be completely healed.

Beth Harris

Letter 41

Dr. West:
After doing your exercises today the sciatic pain that I have had in my back for 30 years has gone. How wonderful!

Thank you,
Fern Merrill
Mesa, AZ

Letter 42

Dear Dr. West:
Age of 19, I had arthritis and both legs in casts to keep them straight, and thirty different allergies. After spending hundreds of dollars on allergy shots, allopathic methods, the best specialist, my condition got worse. I now have no allergies, or arthritis. I cured myself using God's natural laws of eating and cleansing and within two years I'm now back competing in running and racquetball.

Nutritionist, therapist,
Smokey Santillo

Letter 43

Dr. Corwin West,
If we had received no other benefit from your class than the energy field it would have been worth more than what we paid for the class.
We have used it on all of our family--especially grandchildren who are always getting bruised.
A week ago our 4 month old granddaughter rolled over and fell from the bathroom dressing table onto the tile floor when her father turned his back for a moment. She received a severe skull fracture which the x-rays showed went in a horseshoe shape from the back of the ear around the back of the head. The skull wasn't depressed so the doctor let them take her home but cautioned them about blood clotting and had them wake her up every two hours to test reflexes.
Our daughter used the energy field three times before the paramedics arrived at their house. They then brought her to our home for the night and we used it two more times at her head. The accident occurred at 10:00 p.m. By two a.m. the swelling was down and she slept. By morning there was no discoloration or swelling.
Just this incident alone would have been worth the knowledge we received in your class.

Vie Hull
Provo, Ut 84601

Letter 44

After hearing Dr. West tell how he overcame a turned ankle, I stepped off the edge of a sidewalk and turned my ankle. I set down right away and pulled my foot to the inside and started rubbing it. Within five minutes the pain was gone and I continued on walking to work. This was a miracle since I have turned my ankle many times before and it had always left me disabled for a couple days, but this time I had no after effects.

T. E. Rose
Hershey, Pa.
Harrisburg, Pa.

Letter 45

All my life I was always tired and cried easily and could never keep up with the other children. When I was in High School I couldn't hardly finish my day at school after a Physical Ed. class, my muscles were so stiff I could not exercise without it hurting to the extreme and leaving me too tired to study. I sat at home doing needle work and sewing and had no other exercise until my Senior year. I then started square dancing. Needless to say I was ill all year hardly attending school. My nerves were so on edge and I upset very easily. I know now my system was so tight and clogged with all the Animal Protein I ate 3 times a day. My parents had no money and my Mother had to work to provide us with all that beautiful food. They feed us WELL. When I was 17 I was taken to a Chiropractor which started a life time of Misery. After several years of fighting the painful neck, shoulders, and head pains and going to Medical Doctors, with no success, I finally went to a Medical Dr. in 1967, that gave me a shot of Cortizone in the back of the neck, then sent me to the Hospital. Of course nothing functioned right after that. I was there for 3 weeks. I was so weak I couldn't hold a pencil. This is when the Dr. started me on prescribed Drugs. Several different kinds and combinations. I managed to go back to work 3 months later in rather a shaky state. I spent the next 7 years in a state of depression, and with my kidneys not functioning half the time. I would swell up till I thought I was going to burst or die. The Medical Dr. had given me more and more drugs with many, many combinations. When after 7 years I became so weak and over medicated, they then gave me a Hysterectomy of which I could not recover from. I was forced to quit my job and I went to bed for 2 yrs. I had a family that I could no longer care for. The Girls had to do all the work, and care for me. They got tired of my condition. I was so drugged by this time I didn't even realize what was going on. I finally contacted a Dr. that trained me in Bio-Feedback. I lay connected to that machine for 8 hrs. a day for 5 months. I improved enough to get up and get to another Chiropractor of which started things to be worse again. My Husbands Health was also deteriorating and he lost his job. He took a new job in another State. We took our personal belongings and left our newly married Daughter and her Husband in our home and left. After arriving to this new Home, 3 weeks later I found my days to be numbered 1-2-3. I contacted the Ladies at the Health Food Store as I knew if I were to go to the Hospital they would only give me more drugs and I knew one more would be the end for me. The girls sent me to a New Naturopath in another State. There we set up Hospital room in a Motel for 5 weeks. With my Husband and I fighting for my life. I had quit taking all my Medication in one day, which included insulin shots, knowing I couldn't take another pill. I remember I didn't have much to eat - one day - 5 spinach leaves then a Lady made a vegetable juice drink for me and some broth, from Vegetables. We had no cooking facilities in the motel and the restaurant was so far my Husband couldn't leave me long enough to go eat, for most of the time. I also remember more than one day of having 12 enemas in a day. It is hard to believe but I held on to my Husbands hand for 2 days, I received enough strength from his energy to stay alive. I was down to my last breath more than once. My Husband took me to the Hospital and I was refused entrance, which was a good thing.
We then came back to our rental trailer and the fight for life continued for 3 more years. I went to Chiropractors and others and finally found I could receive no help. I had heard a little about Dr. West's program so that is when I put in a S. O. S. call to Arizona. He told me what to do until he could get the information mailed to me. I had already been eating natural foods for the 3 years. I brought myself up from "O" with his Lymphatic exercises. After that I no longer felt that I needed to go to a Chiropractor. Since that date we have been caring for ourselves. The first 2 weeks on this program I did this exercise every hour for 24 hours a day. This brought enough life back into my body that I could gradually cut down on the frequency of the exercise. I also purchased a "Rebounder" and started doing the exercises on it. I could barely bounce for a long time then as time went by I could do more & more on it. I can do most anything on it now & jump for 20 minutes at a time, to a full side of a polka record, without being winded. I went to the Dentist periodically for the last 2 years and again found my energy was drained & unable to do so much on the "Rebounded", but now I am able to do all my own work, and go to the office everyday to help my Husband in our own Business. I also have an organic garden and juice alot of vegetables & fruits. I have had to eat frequently and in the night. I am now supplementing Aloe Vera juice along with my exercises. I have not had a grain of sugar, a slice of bread, or meat and not even an aspirin for 5 years now. I eat only fresh vegetables and fruits and grains, and feeling better than I have my whole life. I have tried well known instant proteins and Brewers Yeast only to find them to be very toxic forming. My system, also my Husbands, refused them, as they make our necks and shoulders stiff and with pain. Also, our eyes became weaker, and I couldn't take the Sunlight of which I usually enjoy so much. I developed difficulty in breathing and a dry mouth & throat, and again felt listless, and nerves very on edge, and the loss of energy. Other than during this period, I have been without pain now since I started this program of Dr. West.
My regular weight was, as an adult, nearly always 125 Ibs. After prescribed drugs I weighed 185 Ibs. I lost down to 116 Ibs. at the time I started cleansing. I lost during the drastic 75 cleanse, to 97 Ibs. I now weigh a natural 115 Ibs. My spine & body feels as though it has been set free. I can move & do things that I could never do even as a child & teenager. I am just recently able to return to the outside world and Public life to some degree, after 8 years of being confined to my house, and years previous, of being very ill.
With Gods help we have managed somehow to get thru this nightmare and hope to enjoy this beautiful world now for the remainder of our lives. It wasn't easy for my Husband as he wasn't in the best of Health either, but he saw me thru and also is on the program & doing well. To me this is a SPECIAL STORY because thru Dr. West's Research & Program he gave me LIFE and for me LIFE will begin at 50.
I believe 100% in Dr. West's program & believe it to be the answer to the worlds suffering. I also believe it to be a difficult task to teach & convince the people.

Mary L. Cox

Letter 46

After hearing your lecture on how to eliminate pain of injury, I want to tell you the following story.
Several years ago I cut off the end of a finger to the 1st knuckle. As soon as it happened, I grabbed it and held it tight until I got to the hospital which was 10 to 15 minutes. I was afraid to let go for fear the blood would just squirt out. Although the end of the finger was cut off, there was no bleeding or pain when I released the pressure off the injured finger.
Until now I did not know why I did not have any pain. Even the doctor and nurses were amazed that I had no pain.

Burley Owen
4720 Mesa
Amarilla, Tex. 79109

More Recent Testimonials

Letter 47

Incidentally, I tried focusing thought and energy on my hurt neck, (car accident) and did find relief in only 3 minutes of gentle bounce on my rebounder!

Thank you,
Linda Christensen

Letter 48

My ex-wife had a breast tumor the size of a tennis ball, but she was frigid. (She wouldn't ever let me touch her.) In fact she didn't even tell me anything about it until it was the day of the operation. She had arranged for a surgury with some doctors and I went to the hospital with her. I had to beg her to let me give my CL training a chance to help her and she said, "Well, the surgury is scheduled in 15 minutes, so I guess I'll give you 15 minutes to see what you can do." So I did and I used the most powerful "Speed Healing" techniques I'd learned within those 15 minutes! Right after that, she went into the operation room.
Then the doctor had a little problem, he was having a tough time finding the tumor. He said, "I know it was here and it was the size of a tennis ball, but I can't find it." He was a little upset - I think he was looking forward to doing the surgury. They couldn't do the surgury, because they never found the tumor! I had disolved her tumor, and I did it within 15 minutes!
If my ex-wife wasn't so frigid, I would have found the breast tumor and dissolved it a long time ago.
That marriage didn't work, but I'm happily married now to a marriage counselor!

C.D., CL

Letter 49

Dr. West found a woman with a breast tumor the size of a grape fruit, at a Cancer Clinic he visited in Mexico. Without touching her breasts himself, Dr. West dissolved the breast tumor down to half size, within 45 minutes!
(Sometimes you don't know how much of the tumor is actually cancerous tissue until you try, but without the swelling, the white blood cells and lymphocytes have the oxygen and energy they need to eat up the cancerous tissue, which usually takes longer.)

Letter 50
(This is also a matter of public record!)
Dr. West had a couple under-cover investigators come into his office with concealed tape recorders in an effort to entrap Dr. West. One of them wanted help with her breast tumor, which she really did have. Dr. West showed her how to do a technique, which many, many other women have discretely had great success, that she could choose to use for herself to dissolve her own breast tumor. Within minutes, her tumor was dissolved!
Dr. West ended up getting charged with practicing medicine without a licence anyway and his photo was all over the television media.
(Many people who hear "charged" automatically think "convicted", even though they are entirely different!)
In court, the investigator was asked about this. On record, she testified that she really did dissolve her own breast tumor. (Dr. West only placed his hands over the knuckes of her hands to boost the energy.)
After firing his attorneys, who were ready to process him like cattle, Dr. West won this case because of the "Laying on of hands for the healing of the sick." This is just one example, yet people wonder why it's been so hard for us to teach these things in the past!

Letter 51
My cousin, Alma, has a son who suffers from Autism. When he was 2 years old, a Dentist gave him some medication which proved to be extremely toxic to his little body, so this little boy went into convulsions and ended up with serious brain damage.
I have a little boy who could have been in the same boat, if it weren't for this science. Andrew needed caps on his front teeth, so the local pediaontist said he would need to put him out in order to do it, so he wouldn't be stressed or try to fight it. The pediadontist said it would be simple this way.
At the hospital, I was concerned that it was taking so long. It ended up taking more than twice as long as they said it would, when they called for me from the waiting room. The pediadontist explained that he needed me to come back into the operating room, that there had been some complications pulling Andrew out of it.
When I first saw my little boy in that operating room, he was having convulsions. I quickly began the "Power Plant Technology" and within seconds, he began to come out of it. The understanding of this science gave me the faith I needed not to stop just after a few minutes, even after he appeared to be perfectly normal within a few minutes. I knew even though the life process of the cells can turn on very quickly, given the right environment, the toxic poisons take longer than that to be completely be neutralized.
Andrew has always been very smart. He began being lymphasized in the womb, instead of waiting until later to see if there could be something we needed to work on. Andrew is now six years old and has always scored 100% on all his spelling tests! We're truely blessed to have him with us, and we're blessed by this science!
Andrew was running around the playground at school recess and clipped his ear on a sharp metal object. With blood all over himlelf, they immediately called home. We live very close, yet within the five minutes it took my wife to get there, Andrew (only six years old at the time) had applied the techniques I had taught him and had sealed up the cut on his ear! All they did was wash off the blood and it was clear that he was just fine - no stiches after five minutes of six year power! (I believe he started learning it in the womb.)
My whole life is full of success stories and we have many, many more success stories to share if you ask us!

With Passion and Sincerity,
Stephen E. West

Letter 52

May 2005

How Lymphacizing Made a Difference in My Life!

First we had to establish the problem and the goal.
It was fairly easy to admit that I wanted something called “Full Health”.
Admitting and committing to a program to conquer systemic Candida was much more difficult. I was use to choosing quick fix pills with steric acid which would create very painful acid reflux, which meant that in only two days I did not have to do the program any more.
I was use to creating excuses and reasons and abandoning the commitment and then going back to my “shortcuts to nutrition”.

     · Years of Candida
     · Major brain fog
     · DEPRESSION (I identified this as dissatisfaction with UNFULFILLED LIFE)
     · Clustered trapped blood protein in legs
     · Receeding gums
     · Many little irritating conditions
     · (though I could not imagine it)Less than full energy

     · To Establish a Commitment to Self, Health and The Program
     · Keep hips, neck and spine aligned
     · To Sleep well 8 hours each night
     · To be Happy
     · To live a Fulfilled Life, easily making decisions that served me and my maker
     · To quickly establish a Strong, Healthy and Fully Functioning Body and Mind

Lymphatic Program to Health: *Lymphacize *Power Breathe *Heavenly Father Bless

Each day got easier and my appetite for sugar went away then I was able to fully commit, HURRAH! After three weeks my appetite for real food returned and the rest is history. As I began to sleep and my thinking got more and more clear, I began to be happier and happier and to attract life and opportunities back to me. Everything changed: commitment, decision making, shopping, food, old habits and I got to look at how easily the old just fell away and now I can celebrate my 60th year of Life and Live It Healthy! Oh yes, my hip and thigh measurement, for the first time in my life, are proportionate to my 26” waist.
PS: I got to meet people who have benefited from renewing their health, a great example of getting the message and using all of it. I also got to meet an 8 month old child who, from conception has been on this program. She is a shinning example of strength and brightness…………....the future could be this bright!

Thank you Dr. C. Samuel West for your 40 years of research work from your heart to help everyone who will listen and proceed with these simple techniques for health!
Thank you Dr. Stephen West for adding to this work with excellence!


Letter 53

About two months ago, I broke my ring finger on my right hand just above the fingernail, by smashing it between the claw of a crowbar and a sledge hammer! Although it was instantly bleeding, with blood coming out the bottom of 80% of the fingernail and blood had even instantly been pushed out of most of the pores of the skin on the bottom I didn't hesitate to apply what I know. With Speed Healing™ techniques, I felt the bone set within 30 minutes, however I kept working it, even when the pain was gone. It never even swelled up! The next day there wasn't no pain and it didn't cost me anything to do it. I've read about other cases who end up with mangled fingers after the swelling eventually causes the skin to rupture and they have to have a surgeon try to stich everything back together. Knowledge is Power and I really count my blessings for this research - I have the actual photos, for anyone who's interested. I didn't even loose my finger nail, even though 80% was instantly separated with blood.

Stephen E. West

Letter 54

Check out the before and after photos, along with the new audio success story of C. G. from Toronto. She discusses detoxing through diet, cleansing, colonics, rebounding (lymphasizing). She obtained relief from obesity (water retention), and pain relief through healing an injured foot.

Letter 55

Hi Stephen, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me. I stepped down on a piece of jagged metal that went into my foot a couple of inches. The metal was dirty and I could feel that it was getting infected badly. I used the affirmations just once before I went to sleep and the next morning the swelling had gone down by half. I did soak it in epsom salt that next day and did use the affirmations again. It is almost healed now three days later. I figured it would lay me up for a couple of weeks or I might have to go to the doctor, but I have not had to go to the doctor and it is healing well. I believe your affirmations made the difference.

Wilma Roman

This next story could be yours!


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